About Us

So what can we offer?

Here at Carboncarz we design, develop and produce full Prepreg Carbon Fibre parts for mainly the automotive world. 


Quality and Safety

There are various other methods for making a Carbon Fibre part that suits various applications. A lot of cheap carbon fibre may look cosmetically acceptable but this does not mean it is fit for purpose. Too often fitment is heavily compromised by cheap materials and production methods, which also lead to a part that is not actually robust enough for the job.

Carboncarz swear by quality and create parts to the highest of standards that wouldn’t be out of place on a racecar. When safety is concerned we are 100% confident our parts will stand the test of time, can the same be said for other inferior cheaper Carbon parts? Don’t find out the hard way…

Quality doesn’t have to mean manufacturer prices

Carbon Fibre is becoming ever more popular with manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW etc. This however comes at an extremely high price. We at Carboncarz create OEM or better parts but at affordable and sensible pricing.

Get in touch!

Whether you just would like a couple questions answered, have a project you would like to discuss or have some awesome pictures of Carbon parts, we would be glad to hear from you.